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January, 2015. Click the page to download the issue! Posted 02/02/2015

Seniors still enjoying Print
In this wireless world of online gadgets and fragmented market places, Seniors still hold true to the printed newspaper while the teen readers explore the electronic world.  Targeting teens with that perfect vehicle is almost impossible as something new is added everyday.  But with seniors it's never been so easy.  Often, finding a senior with email can be difficult and studies have proven seniors don't respond well to the "new fangled" online media.  But seniors stick with the tried and true print editions - and if you want to attract their business then you will want to stay with what has worked for hundreds of years while tip-toeing into the electronic market place.  Oklahoma's Senior News and Living, along with it's sister publication Oklahoma's Nursing Times, is the ONLY local publication allowed to be distributed at Walmart locations throughout the metro area. AND... WE ARE GROWING! With single copy and subscription delivery, our circulation is one of the only newspapers continuing to grow. 

With more than 69,000 readers, Oklahoma's Senior News and Living is the ONLY SENIOR NEWSPAPER IN THE STATE.  Serving the Senior population with features, news items, and information on special events - we serve as the ultimate monthly senior resource - complete with all the information needed to make mature living comfortable and fun.  With well known Oklahoma Seniors featured every month, every issue will surprise and entertain.

Subscriptions are $43.50 per year or $75 for two years.

Ad rates to fit every budget!  From $14.96 line ads in the classifieds to $25.50 directory listings to full color retail ads accompanied by full service professional writers to support your business.  Oklahoma's Senior News and Living will help you grow your business!

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