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Daily Crossword Puzzles ( using Java )

Daily Crossword Puzzle
A new online crossword puzzle every day
Daily Codebreaker Puzzle
A daily puzzle to test your wordpower
Daily Jigsaw Puzzle
A new online jigsaw puzzle every day
Daily Word Search Puzzle
An excellent online word finder puzzle

Games and Puzzles ( using Java )

3D Mazes
Generate and solve 3D mazes online
Break those blocks
Can you beat the computer in this fun strategy game?
The classic game of checkers (or draughts)
Chinese Checkers
A beautiful online version of this old favorite - for up to 6 players
Can you switch the colors of all the pieces?
Hare and Hounds
A classic 19th century French board game, also known as The Military Game
Guess the colors chosen by the computer
Mr. Potato
Enjoy some simple fun with the online version of this kids' classic
An addictive puzzle game
Paper Doll
Kids (of all ages!) can have fun dressing these paper dolls
Peg Solitaire
Classic puzzle game - with variations, plus Reverse and Autosolve options
Roll those rocks! A neat, addictive game
Scrambled Words
Simple but challenging anagram puzzles
Sliding Block Puzzles
Slide those tiles to reveal the scrambled pictures
Spiro Online
An updated version of the classic pattern-making toy
Created by the games inventor Piet Hein, this is a variation of the classic game Nim
The classic kid's game. Can you beat the computer?
Tower of Hanoi
The classic disc-moving puzzle
An online text adventure game in up to 4 dimensions
Get three-in-a-row to beat the computer
A game invented by mathematician and games expert John Conway

Games and Puzzles ( using Shockwave )

Ant Run Pro
Keep your ant on the move as you rotate the tunnels
Dog Bones
Can you help Rover find his 5 bones?
Direct the falling marbles into their proper slots
Flip all the tiles back to blue in a few moves as possible
The Shell Game
Guess which cup the ball is under
Snowboard Alley
Race down the hill avoiding objects in your quest for a top ten score
Space Run Game
Avoid the falling meteors while you rescue the Calorie Kids floating in space

[ These games are powered by Thinks.com. ]

This Weeks Stories
January, 2015. Click the page to download the issue!

Senior fights for accessible housing

Heritage Point coming to Oklahoma City

OKC features first cremation gardens in nation