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the Senior News and Living Message Board Guidelines

It is our hope that you will enjoy using the Senior News and Living Message Board. It was created for the members of seniornewsandliving.com, giving them a place to share their thoughts and ideas. Although most of us wish to have a good time, there are some out there that will abuse this system and take away from the atmosphere we wish to create for our members. For this reason, these rules will be strictly enforced.

Rules For Posting

  1. Do not use profanities or vulgarity. Do not post in a way that may make another member feel threatened, abused, or harassed. Again, this is another rule designed to create the best possible atmosphere for our members. Directly insulting people or making false statements in attempt to insult or slander another individual, group, business, or organization is strictly prohibited. This is another important rule that insures all members have the best chance of feeling welcome at all times.
  2. Although good-hearted debate is allowed and even encouraged, we will take action if it goes beyond a point that we feel no good can come of it.
  3. To keep the forums on topic and streamlined, do not post the same question in any other threads. It will be locked or deleted if you do.
  4. Posting of any illegal form. (ie, posting a recipe for drugs, how to rob a bank, killing anyone, etc) these will not be tolerated, and the offender will be blocked immediatly upon reading of this post.
  5. It is ok to drop a link now and then, as long as it pertains to the conversation and is not out of context with the thread. Links and/or advertisements that we feel do not belong, will be deleted. we can not tolerate continued abuse of this rule. This rule protects a member's right to enjoy friendly conversation without having commercials in between.
We ask that you email us at info@seniornewsandliving.com if you have any disagreements with our rules or the way our rules are enforced. Please do not bring disagreements into the forums. Management will not discuss these disagreements with you in the forums, but will be happy to discuss any disagreements via email. This rule is to keep the message board forums on subject, and spare the majority any distraction that might result from such disagreements.

We Reserve the Right to Enforce the Rules in Any or All of the Following Ways:

  1. Noting to the user in the thread in question that they violated a rule(s),
  2. Deletion or editing of post(s),
  3. Any user that has had a post edited more than 5 times, will be blocked from seniornewsandliving.com,
  4. Any thread that has had more than 3 posts edited by different users will be locked or deleted,
  5. Blocking any user at any time for any offense listed above. locking, depending on the offense, can range from 72 hours to indefinite.
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